Trade Smart
The most secure solution for online transactions in the mobility distribution sector. Trade protection for both buyers and sellers, supported by gsmExchange.
What is Trade Trust
Trade Trust Service is a new offering that facilitates safe transactions between the Buyer & Seller. The process is simple, secure and transperant from the start to the end. Eliminating the risk from international trade - the service comes from gsmExchange, your partner in success since 2000.

The six simple steps

Increase your profits and secure your business in 6 simple steps!

1. Buyer and Seller agree to a trade
2. Buyer or Seller initiates a Trade Trust Service request
3. Buyer send their documentation to prove identity
4. Buyer pays 100% in advance into an independant account
5. Seller ships the goods, buyer confirms receipt
6. Trade Trust releases the funds into the Sellers account

Delayed payments, getting bad stock and risky business are all things of the past. Trade Safely - Trade globally - Trade with new companies in new countries without any fear or hesitation!
How it works
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